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Family Health and Your Money

Working Mums
Three mums that are not only raising a family but running their own businesses from home
Washing Powder
Today Tonight put Australia's top washing powders to the test. Find out the best brands for both top and front loader machines.
Teen Challenge
Etiquette expert Natalia Josephs says she can turn around even the wildest teenager in just one day. If you think you have a teenager whose can't be tamed, call 9344 0077 to take up our challenge.
Landscaper Let Down
The Perth landscaper who has taken money from customers and delivered little more than misery. Some of his clients describe Nathan Barrett as smooth-talking - they say he seems like a nice bloke. But, they claim they've been horribly let-down by a man who took their money, then didn't finish the jobs. Now Consumer Protection has issued a "warning" about Nathan Barrett.. urging householders NOT to use him.
The claims and counter-claims that magnets somehow contain magical healing powers. They're certainly very popular, particularly among the elderly and those who have tried conventional medical treatments without success. Do they work miracles? We put them to the test.
Hot Chips
Finally some good news for those who enjoy hot chips. There's no secret they all contain saturated fat and salt, but our investigation reveals you can munch on some hot chips relatively guilt free.
Generic Foods
Broome Jobs
While the government is paying out billions in unemployment benefits, bosses around the country are tearing their hair out trying to find staff. One example is Broome's Cable Beach Club Resort.
Best in the West V
WA's best sausages, yoghurt, bread and jam!
Best in the West IV
WA's best Ice cream, coffee, and cakes!