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Family Health and Your Money

Drive Cam
The latest weapon to save lives on our roads. A tiny camera fitted inside cars that can record everything a driver sees, hears, feels, and does while they are behind the wheel.
Lotto Numbers
With $25million up for grabs here's a few tips on how to increase your chances of picking-up the big one.
Fighting the fine print
How to avoid contract jargon confusion to save you time and money.
Australian families asking for four wheel drives to be banned from all built-up areas.
Housework and Men
Table Manners
Kids who eat like pigs, and can't be table trained. One woman says she can do it - tame any teenager in just one day. We put Perth's very own "Super Nanny" to the test.
Pizza Tests
Today Tonight takes the ultimate nutrition test to find out which pizza reigns supreme and which ones contain too much fat, salt, and kilojoules.
Fruit & Veg Imports
Today Tonight reveals how foreign produce is being dumped in our stores and supermarkets, untested for chemicals that have been banned in Australia.
Kids Tests
A simple, home test that can help parents find out just how their children are doing at school.
Madonna Weeps
Rockingham's famous Weeping Madonna. Is it a myth or a miracle?