Lost Rockingham

It's one of the state's fastest growing towns, WA's beachside bliss.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the Casson's family videos are worth their weight in gold. Minnie Casson says her husband Terry left his legacy on film a tribute to the town he loved all.

Daughter Wanita remembers her dad constantly behind the camera forty years ago, and says he would film EVERYTHING.

Rockingham local Mark Schneider says it's footage like Terry's that drove him to start the "Lost Rockingham" Facebook page. While many well-known landmarks and icons still exist, Minnie says a lot has changed over the years. Rockingham has transformed, but the beach is still the major attraction for locals and visitors far and wide.

As for Mark, he's encouraging others to post their own piece of Rockingham's past on Facebook, a trip back down memory lane.

Make sure you share your memories to the lost Rockingham Facebook page