Full Housing Authority Statement.

Peter Lonsdale, Acting General Manager Service Delivery

Ms Murphy had occupied that dwelling since July 2009, and there were ongoing issues with the condition of the property.

Despite Housing's efforts to assist Ms Murphy via support services from various agencies and community groups, standards of the property did not improve and continued to deteriorate.

The State Government subsidises social housing for over 40,000 Western Australian low income households who are generally unable to afford private rentals. Housing expects tenants to look after the property they occupy.

It was in fact the poor condition of the property and Ms Murphy's lack of cooperation in addressing it that gave Housing no alternative but to obtain a court order terminating the tenancy, effective 13 May 2015. This is in line with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987. The ultimate decision to evict a tenant rests with the Magistrate.

Although her rent account was in arrears, Housing did try and work with Ms Murphy to address this matter. This is something Housing routinely does for tenants, but despite numerous attempts by the Housing Authority to engage with her on this matter she was again uncooperative.

A bailiff eviction was conducted on 21 August 2015. At this time, the property was again found in an extremely poor condition.