Fly First Class

Sam Huang is just an ordinary guy from Texas who has worked out the trick to flying anywhere first class for next to nothing.

Sam lobbed in Adelaide this week on his latest overseas trip first class of course.

So what's the secret to waving goodbye to cramped cattle class? Simple really it's knowing how to rack up frequent flier points and miles then scouring for the airlines best awards deals.

Sam isn't a high income earner and says you don't need a big income to fly in style like Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston just a good credit record and discipline.

To give you an idea Sam found us one of the best deals going around it's the Qantas American express card where you'll get 80,000 points bonus just for signing up and another 80,000 when you spend 3 thousand dollars for that you can then do a first class trip to Auckland, Singapore and for a few extra points New York.

Sam's website topmiles does all the hard work for you at no charge finding the right credit cards and flights it's currently geared for the U.S. but he is launching an Australian version in March.