Toxic Town Update

The airports and air bases contaminating soil and water, it's so toxic families are bathing their kids in bottled water.

The following is the response from a Defence Department Spokesman:

Defence is providing safe bottled drinking water to residents in the investigation area who rely on bore water for drinking.

Any detections of contaminant will be used to inform the Human Health study and to inform the Stage 2B Environmental investigation that will look at the extent of the contamination and help all involved to consider future actions.

Any members of the community who have health concerns should contact NSW Health or consult their general health practitioner.

Defence has conducted a review of the use of AFFF across the Defence estate. Defence is now prioritising where and when further testing will be conducted.

NSW Health has advised that while blood tests can provide a measure of PFOS, they are not recommended because they don't predict the level of health risk.

There are no globally accepted peer reviewed studies showing that exposure to PFOS and PFOA affects human health.

Long term, large scale health studies of workers in the USA exposed to high levels of these chemicals do not show chronic health effects.

The National Health and Medical Research Council does not specify a level for these chemicals in the updated March 2015 Australian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

Residents can contact Defence either on 1800 011 443 or via email on to seek more information.