Totem - Cirque Du Soleil

It's one of the world's most spectacular performances; Cirque Du Soleil has thrilled audiences around the world.

Totem takes audiences on a trip though evolution, today a sneak peak backstage. With a cast and crew of more than a hundred people - the team is a finely tuned machine.

Onstage it look effortless but creating magic like this takes months to perfect, Sarah and Guilhem, have been flying high as a trapeze duo for 6 years. The pair spends hours training - with nothing but each other to rely on.

Before tonight's show, artists warm up backstage rehearsing with, and without partners.

Under the big tent is totem headquarters - there's a gym, medical centre, kitchen and costume department, even daily Pilates classes.

American Gymnast, David Resnick has been doing back flips since he was 4 years old. While gymnasts use one bar, Totem takes things to a whole new level; two high bars, trampoline, and four performers in synchronisation.

The show is here for another five weeks, and this weekend there's something very special, just for Perth -a sneak peak for charity.

Here's what you need to know

Saturday 22nd August

The gates open at 11.45 at Belmont Park- for your chance to get up close to the characters.

At 12.30 you'll get a taste of the show for a $10 donation- with all the proceeds going to Telethon, and they're expecting a loud crowd. "So Perth, we're loud? Yeah great audience a lot of wow and laughs lots clap. It's really great for us to perform for Perth viewers."


Details of the special Telethon performance