Bob Cooper is an outback survival expert and part of his job is dealing with deadly snakes.

As the weather warms up, Bob is gearing up for snake season.

In Perth Dugites like this one are common and deserve respect, after all they're among the most deadly snakes in the world.

Tiger Snake are common around Peth wetlands - it barely reacts to us, bob says left alone the snake will mind its own business.

About 3000 people are bitten by snakes in Australia each yea, Jorji Harper is one them like many people she mistakenly used a tourniquet as first aid. "Immediately took off our shoelaces and tied them like a few inches above where I was bitten that's all you know how to do tourniquet it off, it wasn't until the ambulance got there and they told us don't' do that you should wrap the whole limb like as high as you can up as tight as you can."

So what do you do if you ARE bitten? First aid is crucial and there are 3 critical things to remember.

1. Immobilise the limb

2. Call an ambulance

3. Apply a pressure bandage

Once the bandage is on, check circulation in the toes to make sure it's not too tight. Then wait for the Ambulance, under no circumstances move or walk by yourself.

Bites occur most commonly on the leg but outstretched arms are prime targets too especially if you're lifting objects in the backyard, if you find a snake at home leave it be and call an expert like bob to remove it.

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