Sisters' courage

The three sisters all diagnosed with the same disease within weeks of each other. Told by doctors they had more chance of winning lotto, they're now hoping to beat the odds, all over again.

All diagnosed with different forms of cancer within 6 weeks of each other, "Katie got diagnosed with the recurrence, the day after I was diagnosed with breast cancer and then Cassie was diagnosed within 5 weeks after that."

The odds of this happening in one family are astronomical; Cassie says "we'd have more chance of winning Lotto apparently than the three of us getting cancer, let alone being diagnosed in 6 weeks."

Kristal and Cassie are now unofficially cancer free, but their younger sister is still facing a life and death battle.

Her cancer has returned and she faces her third operation in a year, as the family prepares for Katie's next challenge and a Christmas spent by her side in hospital they're also praying she'll be well enough next year to fulfil a lifelong dream.

Moved by this incredible story, radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O organised the trip of a lifetime for the three sisters and their mum. An all expenses trip to Hong Kong, New York and Rome, but Katie is hoping to raise an additional $10-thousand dollars so she can take her husband and baby girl.

And if you'd like to help the girls this Christmas visit their Go Fund Me page.

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