Robot NAO

NAO is a glimpse of the future - here today. A humanoid Robot that can walk, talk and communicate. Hugh Kingsley from Brainary educational resources. "NAO is the most extraordinary piece of digital technology, a humanoid robot now is fully programmable so that you can use your own creativity to get NAO to do all sorts of functions NAO can talk NAO can listen and NAO can play games with you."

While NAO likes taking people for walks, he can also get around unassisted - but perhaps the most remarkable sight isn't so much walking but getting up when he falls.

NAO is no big boys toy, at a starting price of around $14,000 you get the picture that there's more to this robot that meets the eye. NAO is only available in Australia to educational and medical facilities and that's where this remarkable little robot really finds his feet.

"NAO can be used to help children overcome fears for example vaccinations we have software available that will actually walk the child through the process but at the same time distract them."

NAO can be programmed with many different uses in mind, he's widely used in schools where he can teach or even be taught by students. "Waikiki primary school is the first primary school in Perth to have gone down this path and they're conducting a very interesting research project using NAO for the children to teach NAO." The robot has also been used in many instances with children with special needs like Autism - even assisting elderly people with dementia - NAO's use is only limited by imagination.

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