Rewire your pain

Everyone experiences different types of pain, but for some, it can be devastating.

In WA, twenty per cent of the population is in chronic pain, from back pain, shoulder, knee, hip, even severe headaches. Incredibly, twenty five per cent of those people say they struggle with daily life. That's more than 100,000 people whose lives are ruled by pain.

Gabriela Kerr-Sheppard loved horse riding and played most sports, but after injuring her back and knee, she had to give it all up because she was in constant pain. Doctor's fused her leg to try and curb the pain.

Gabriela suffered for more than twelve years. Medication like morphine and oxycodone, only a temporary fix. But a few years ago she discovered Behavioural Medicine. Now, Gabriela says her life has changed. She meditates, has the energy to exercise twice a day and has reduced her medication.

Doctor Stephanie Davies is the author of Rewire Your Pain. A step by step guide to manage and reduce chronic conditions. "You reduce those high levels of pain and then the nervous system can slowly, slowly tune out and you'll have less pain in the future." Dr Davies says it comes back to basics. Do it, delegate it and dump it. "Don't take on other people's worries deal with the one's you've got hopefully delegate some of your worries to someone else."

Don't hold grudges - but rather have an "empty boat".

Go for a daily walk outside.

Pace your activities.

And practice mindfulness - meditate and learn to live in the moment.

Dr Davies says, most of her patients have been able to cut back or even completely eliminate pain medication after just three months, but medical experts say you should consult your doctor before going off any medication.

And even though Gabriela says it's been a tough road to finally enjoy life again, she says it's worth every minute.


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