Retirement Book

How to navigate your way through retirement and avoid missing-out on thousands of dollars in benefits.

When it comes to retirement, Nick Bruining has done it a few times, not for himself but for many others, and now his sharing some basic advice in a new book.

Jock and Violet Cuthbertson have retired and now have an income of around $54,000 a year. The couple lives comfortably and still travel and they say there are plenty of tips for saving money.


- Use Credit cards to earn FF points - but make sure you pay off the total every month to avoid interest.

- bulk buy items on special

- cook ahead and freeze meals

One of the key points many retirees overlook is accessing Centrelink benefits, even self-funded retirees may be eligible for a part pension.

Nick's book "dont panic" is designed to help you navigate the road to retirement without feeling like you need a million dollars to do it. So you can spend less time fretting about what you don't have and more time enjoying what you do

Book: Don't panic. Why you don't need $1 million to retire well. Author Nick Bruining.

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