Quirky Gardens

Buying enough compost for your entire garden can certainly add up, but some very clever Perth green- thumbs are making their own and not just with food scraps and lawn clippings - but with everyday items - from old underwear to vacuume cleaner bags.

Beekeeper Sonny Tilbury has been growing giant avocadoes for years. The secret to his success is honey, which he says attracts the bees during the day, and the moths at night, resulting in double the pollination.

Sonny uses capping wax, a biproduct of the honey making process, mixed with water.

Capping wax is available from most beekeepers, but you can get the same results using a jar of honey.

Sonny recommends 250g of honey to 20 litres of water, thrown over plants once a week while they're flowering.

Meanwhile, waste education officer Peg Davies believes the key to a good garden is home made compost.

She turns everything into plant food, even old clothes and undies!

Top tips for compost:

- Avoid proteins which can attract unwanted pests.

- your bin should be made up of equal parts of dry and wet matter.

- keep your compost moist, but not soggy

- position bin in a semi-shaded area.