Kids Parties

Children's birthday parties can be an expensive exercise. From fairies and bouncy castles discos to video game trucks and science parties - Perth parents are going all out to give their child the ultimate experience.

Game Vault. A giant, mobile video game theatre - that comes to your house - the kids all pile in and spend around 2 hours competing.

Bec Hall - who runs discount voucher book Kidzabuzz - says with more mums and dads strapped for time - outsourcing kids parties has created a whole new industry

Einstein's top secret science party. Party educators set up tables - kids pop on lab coats - and they do experiments.

Lounge rooms are being transformed into discos - and hiring in entertainers like bop til you drop to run a proper dance party, professional sound systems, lighting, even karaoke.

Perth Mum Kirsty Connell says with the right idea - and a bit of planning - you CAN have a low stress - low cost party at home. "My daughter wanted a cupcake party so we decided we'd make cupcakes and they would decorate them you can make cupcakes for 5 dollars a batch." The children spend an hour decorating a cake - and the idea is that they take it home - well, IF it lasts that long!

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