Kids can't talk

Most parents have fought the battle to get their kids off the computer, but adults may need to lead by example.

Most of us swipe, push and browse on a daily basis and with modern technology taking over, we're talking less than ever before.

Our silence comes at the expense of our children, who've lost the art of conversation.

Children Losing the Art of Communication

As we see more technology and self-service entering our daily lives we are losing the chance to engage in small talk and it's affecting how our children develop.

As adults we now talk with our fingers and not our mouths and it's affecting the way little ones learn to communicate right through their life.

It's also having an impact on the way we conduct ourselves in the workplace.

Communication Expert Mike Irving is the Founder of Advanced Business Abilities and is already finding a strong demand from people wanting to be better communicators.

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To give kids a kickstart in communication experts suggest

- Avoid the self-service option where you can

- Take them out of their comfort zone by giving them a simple task to do on their own

- Voice your frustration out aloud- and explain to the why

- Encourage your kids to open their mouths and get talking