Heritage Fight

A battle is being fought - between an elite girls school, and a group of angry locals who aim to maintain the area's heritage.

Building of the new development will start within two years - both the Perth College and J.D.A.P's statements are below.

JDAP Perth College buildings statement

1. On what grounds did JDAP approve these properties for demolition?

Grounds included expert advice provided by the City and external consultants regarding the heritage value of the properties and impact of demolition on the heritage character area, information regarding the future requirements of the school, the zoning which allows for the school to develop as proposed and assessment by the City's technical staff and the Department of Planning staff who found the proposal acceptable.

2. Why isn't there an option to compromise as has happened in the past for Perth College owned land where heritage value homes were maintained to a degree where the school incorporated their development in keeping the fa ç ade of the homes?

In this instance, the development proposal site is constrained and retention was not possible within the requirements of the development proposal.

3. Does JDAP not believe these homes have any value to be kept?

While this was a difficult decision, the City's technical report and the JDAP's decision were informed by heritage experts. The heritage value of this streetscape has been eroded by other development approvals in the past, the 4 properties are not listed in their own right.

4. Does JDAP take into consideration the City of Stirling's refusal to support the demolition of these homes?

Yes the resolution of the Elected Members was taken into consideration.

5. The Mt Lawley society says there's a lack of transparency and accountability with JDAP making these decisions … ..how does JDAP respond to this?

The JDAP process is transparent. The agenda, including the City's report on the development proposal, was made available to the JDAP and the public on 18 September 2015. Mt Lawley Society presented their views to the panel at the meeting on 24 September 2015. The meeting was open to the public. The panel members provided their reasons for how they voted openly at the meeting. The meeting was conducted in accordance with the JDAP Regulations and the DAP Standing Orders 2012. The panel is accountable and makes informed decisions.

6. Is there any ground for appeal at this point? Or is JDAP's decision final … .and the homes will be demolished?

Applicants have the right to apply to the State Administrative Tribunal for a review on the merits of a DAP decision.

7. If the homes are going to be demolished when will this happen?

Under the conditions of the JDAP approval, the applicant should make a substantial start within two years. The College is best placed to provide more information.


Perth College Statement

Approval granted for Senior Learning and Leadership Centre

Perth College has received approval from the Joint Development Assessment Panel to develop a new Senior Learning and Leadership Centre on Lawley Crescent following an extensive application and consultation process.

The facility will provide an integrated learning space for senior students that can be used for varied learning programmes, leadership development and other related services.

Situated on lots 24 to 30 Lawley Crescent, the centre will also include a parking area for up to 34 cars, reducing the number of cars parking on local streets and decreasing traffic congestion.

Principal, Jenny Ethell, said the School Council had been engaged in a master planning process since 2003 to ensure the campus provided the resources to deliver the best possible teaching and learning programme.

As part of this process, architects were appointed in 2014 to update the masterplan and they identified the properties at 24 to 30 Lawley Crescent as a potential location for this new development, as it would provide:

Contemporary learning spaces for Year 12 students as they turned 18 and transition to a university education

Closer proximity to dining and study facilities for boarding students, meaning they would no longer have to cross Lawley Crescent at night

Parking for staff, minimising the impact on local traffic flows.

Mrs Ethell said the site was part of the Perth College education precinct which encompassed both sides of Lawley Crescent and was zoned for private institution/educational purposes.

"The Senior Learning and Leadership Centre will enhance this education precinct and allow the School to ensure it can preserve and restore the original 1916 buildings on the main campus, giving due respect and care to Perth College's heritage," she said.

"The centre will be a unique venue enabling flexible curriculum delivery and supporting the development of students' leadership and citizenship skills through our InsideOut self-leadership programme.

"The state-of-the-art buildings will embrace sustainable design features and provide a range of versatile learning spaces."