Fragile X Syndrome

In many ways Ethan and Logan are just like every other kid, love playing in the pool and having fun but there's one thing that sets these brothers apart. They both have a condition called fragile X syndrome

Maria and Luke Goss had taken their eldest Ethan for tests after they noticed delayed development - What they discovered changed all of their lives forever. - Both boys had inherited Fragile X - a developmental disorder - a form of Autism.

Professor Andrew Whitehouse from the Telethon Kids Institute says Fragile X affects around one in 4000 people, "Fragile X syndrome is a genetic condition that causes a range of developmental problems such as speech and language difficulties, cognitive difficulties as well as learning disabilities."

Rather than dwell on what the boys didn't have, Maria and Luke Goss set above discovering what they did have and what could be done - they set up a foundation called Think Fragile X. - it's fundraising efforts are about to deliver W.A with something extraordinary.

Professor Whitehouse helped bring the foundation and guide dogs WA together - to launch the state's first a buddy dog programme.

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Think Fragile X