Creature Compost

With fifteen hundred animals at Perth Zoo, it's no surprise there's a lot of manure - Add 600 kilos of green waste per day from the gardens - and the zoo has a lot to get rid of.

Dan Baker is the zoo's sustainability officer; he's come up with a way to recycle as much waste as possible, by creating compost.

the other big contributors are the rhinos - who make the job a little easier by sticking to the same spot.

On average the animals produce about 600 kilograms of poo each day - now that's a lot of poo and a lot of shovelling - and to work it out over the year, that's about 61 elephants worth of poo each year.

"We're diverting about 500 tonnes of waste from landfill every year, not only is that great for the environment but the sale of the surplus to the public is also helping us to raise money so we can continue to help wildlife.

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