Brain Drain

It's the time of year every kid looks forward to, but what many parents don't realise is during the school break, your child could fall months behind.

Murdoch University's Dr Margaret Merga specialises in adolescent reading, and says over summer it can mean falling behind 3 months, and for children who already struggle it can set them back years.

She's surveyed more than five hundred year 8 and 10 students - and found less than 20 per cent read for fun.

That's despite international research showing reading is vital to a host of other skills like;

-concentration over long periods, essential for exams.

-developing empathy for others.

-improving maths skills.

-even protecting against dementia & cognitive decline in later life.

Dr Merga suggests;

-Children should Read every day, at least a little.

-Make time but also a comfortable space to read in.

-Keep it fun, involve kids in choosing books.

So this school holidays, the advice is, making reading part of your everyday fun.