ATO Scam

When Perth pensioner Yvonne checked her answering machine earlier this week and she got the shock of her life.

It was a message from someone claiming to be from the Australian taxation office, threatening if Yvonne didn't pay up on her alleged fraudulent tax claim, she'd be arrested.

Delia Rickard from the ACCC says "scams these days are big business. They're organised crime; they're run out of numerous countries. The one thing we do know though is they tend to attach themselves to trusted brands like the ATO."

Delia says phone calls like this have scammed nearly half a million dollars from unsuspecting Australians.

Authorities are warning people not to give any personal information over the phone or it could be a very bleak Christmas indeed

The ATO has a hotline set-up, should you receive a similar call.

Contact number: 13 28 61