Animal Fitness

It's gives a whole new meaning to jungle gym, "so we have gorillas, bear crawls, komodos, camilians, iguana, frogs" This is fitness, animal style crawling like a crab, Slithering like a snake.

WA rugby player Lloyd Johnson brought Zuu Fit to Perth, after it was introduced over East, a beast of a workout- combining moves of more than 30 animals and it's taken off - with everyone from Mum's to professional athletes.

Australian Champion Netballer Caitlin Basset is a big fan, "for me who's constantly competing in every single area in my life and come down here and not compete against other people the stronger the fittest the fastest and just compete against myself it's really refreshing."

The classes are all about speed and agility, moving in the same way animals do and according to Lloyd, participants can lose up to 700 calories in a class.

With many jaded by traditional ways of keeping fit, classes are becoming more creative, "in Perth we have about 60 classes a week and globally there's about 600-700 classes a week." This is Jungle Body the dance style workout sweeping the world.

Twenty five year old Tara Simich first started filming workout routines in her lounge room, now she has fitness followers around the world and it's not just for women, Phil is a regular and it's little wonder. "This is the ultimate cardio workout. I started Conga about 5-6 months ago now and I've dropped 18 kilos in 6 months." While motivation is a sticking point for many when it comes to fitness, at these classes, they've got the eye of the tiger.


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