5 Nights That Could Save Your Life

Night 5 - Home Security

Perth is Australia'¦s break-in capital. Each year there are thousands of break-ins, attempted break-ins, assaults and worse. In the final report for 5 Nights That Could Save Your Life, Seven News reporter Paul Kadak spoke to Crime Prevention Officer Senior Constable Rebecca Bens about simple advice to make your home less of a target.

For more information the following is from the WA Police website

Home burglary is on the increase. Staggering numbers are reported annually.

That's the bad news.

The good news is that with some common sense and by installing simple effective security measures such as deadlocks, window locks and security grills, you can drastically reduce the chances of your home being burgled. You can fight back and take away the opportunity of crime. The two most effective methods of preventing burglary are:

  1. Maximising visual deterrents to offenders.
  2. Securing your premises.

How You Can Protect Your Home

  • When leaving your home, ask yourself, "Does it look like this house is empty?" If it does, do something about it.
  • At night, leave on inside lights which you would normally leave on if you were at home. A house in darkness is a prime target for a burglar.
  • Consider using electric timing devices that turn on the television, radio or lights at selected times.
  • Ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your property, especially if you are going on holiday.
  • Become involved in Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Consider installing movement activated external floodlights.
  • Make your windows more secure by fitting locks, safety film, security screens or external rollershutters.
  • Don't leave blinds or curtains closed - it makes the house look empty.
  • Identify your property with your motor driver's licence number by using engravers supplied free through Neighbourhood Watch.
  • Be sure to lock all windows and doors before leaving.

More Information on Home Security

For more information on Home Security, contact Neighbourhood Watch or to arrange a free home security appraisal by one of our Police Officers, please contact your local Crime Prevention Officer through your nearest police station.

Criminals Don't Like To Be Seen

As you might expect, there are many crimes and offences committed during the night. But the mere presence of light creates problems for an offender. Why?

Because you can see them.

Burglars don't like to be seen. Keeping your home or business well lit with security lights is one of the simplest steps you can take to protect your property.

It is pointless having effective security lighting if the power supply can be interrupted at the flick of a switch, as many a successful burglar will testify.

There is a simple way of protecting your power supply by fitting an approved meter box with a lock and a viewing window. It will make it much harder for a criminal to cut your power.


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