5 Nights That Could Save Your Life

Night 2 - First Aid

Each year people die because others weren't able to help or didn't know how. Knowing what to do in an emergency means knowing First Aid. In any situation the same First Aid steps apply and even learning the basics could make the difference that saves the life of a friend or loved one.

In the second of our stories that could save your life Seven News reporter Paul Kadak spoke to St John's Ambulance First Aid trainer Viv Matts and Ambulance paramedic Ceri Price about First Aid and followed a group of first aid students through a training scenario.

For more information the following is courtesy St John's Ambulance. The St John Ambulance First Aid Action Plan This Action Plan is a vital aid to the first aider in assessing whether the casualty has any life-threatening conditions and if any immediate first aid is necessary.

D - check for DANGER

  • to you
  • to others
  • to casualty

R - check RESPONSE

  • is casualty conscious?
  • is casualty unconscious?

A - check AIRWAY

  • is airway clear of objects?
  • is airway open?

B - check for BREATHING

  • is chest rising and falling?
  • can you hear casualty's breathing?
  • can you feel the breath on your cheek?

C - check for CIRCULATION

  • can you feel a pulse?
  • can you see any obvious signs of life?

For more information on other first aid scenario's see the St John Ambulance emergency website - www.stjohn.org.au/emergency/

Learning First Aid

St John's Ambulance runs a series of different first aid courses teaching the full range of first aid skills - whether it's for the home or workplace, city or remote locations. They range from an hour-long course available over the internet to intensive courses over several days. They include

  • Online Crash Course
  • Basic Life Support
  • Basic Resuscitation
  • Basic Workplace First Aid
  • Caring for Kids
  • Advanced Resuscitation
  • Industrial Paramedic

For further information contact St John's Ambulance on (08) 9334 1233 or log on to

Course are also offered by the Australian Red Cross. For additional information go to www.redcrosswa.asn.au or you can contact them on (08) 9225 1948. Links

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