Australia's number one game show DEAL OR NO DEAL returns on 12 February and for one special week it gets uglyreal ugly!

To celebrate Channel 7's upcoming launch of the hit US comedy UGLY BETTY, the Dealettes will transform themselves into the show's fashion-challenged star Betty Suarez.

The gorgeous models say goodbye to their funky platinum blonde bobs and stylish clothes to undergo an amazing Ugly Betty make-overor should that be make-under! With her bright-red Guadalajara poncho, red coke-bottle glasses and metal braces, Betty's look is unmistakable. Channel 7's talented wardrobe department has recreated Betty's unique look, masterfully sewing 26 replica outfits for the Dealettes to wear.

UGLY BETTY follows the life of Betty Suarez, an ordinary girl from Queens trying desperately to fit into the world of high fashion The Golden Globe winning television comedy drama has been a huge hit in the US . The premiere was the most-watched new show this season with a whopping 16.3 million viewers.

In 2006 DEAL OR NO DEAL was the Number One off peak Light Entertainment pr ogram of 2006. To date, Australians have walked away with more than fourteen million dollars of Banker Walter P Smythe's money.

Master dealer ANDREW O'KEEFE returns to steer contestants through the Dealadrome and the chance to win up to $200,000 each weeknight. In a half-hour scramble to secure the best D eal that they can, contestants must rely on their nerve and their luck as their fortunes are played out in front of the nation, but their ultimate fates all come down to one question: ' D eal Or No D eal?'

In 2007

· Walter P Smythe now has the ability to call Andrew O'Keefe direct via a mobile phone during the show

· Keep your eye out for the glamorous Dealettes new look

· The Supercase amounts have been adjusted to 50c, $50, $500, $5000, $10,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000

· Back by popular demand, home viewers get their chance to win big CASH with the return of Double Deal Friday. For just 55 cents a home viewer could win what ever Deal is done on the Friday show. That could be the big one, $200,000.

In 2006, DEAL OR NO DEAL reinforced its rank as the only non- pr imetime ( pr e 6pm ) game show to peak with over 1 million viewers nationally. Its 5.30pm to 6pm timeslot secured an average national audience of 870,000 viewers(35.1% audience share) while in the same timeslot the Nine Network had 701,452 viewers (28.3% audience share), and Ten's nightly sports segment averaged 907,179 viewers (36.6% audience share).

DEAL OR NO DEAL is filmed at Channel Seven's South Melbourne studios and is a creation of game show heavyweight John de Mol of Southern Star Endemol Productions