Channel Seven today announced the definitive gong-master Red Symons will be part of the new series Australia 's Got Talent, joining Dannii Minogue as a judge.

Australia's Got Talent will search for the freshest undiscovered talent in the country and will be hosted by Grant Denyer.

Australia's Got Talent is open to people young and not so young - dancers, ventriloquists, circus acts, yodellers, performance artists, acrobats, magicians and signers - the weird, the wacky, the wild and the wonderful. New faces, and possibly some red faces, will need to im pr ess the judges with their unique talent to make it through for a chance to win an im pr essive $250,000.

Red Symons has established himself in the entertainment industry as musician, author, stage and screen performer, record pr oducer, composer, columnist and, most recently, breakfast announcer on ABC Radio 774, Melbourne.

Red said today 'It will be a refreshing change to do a talent show that is genuinely looking for excellence, rather than enduring a group of guys who are on a dare from their mates at the pub!'

'It's not like I haven't done this sort of thing before. It's just like falling off a horse, shooting it and turning it into glue'

Red's theatrical flair and humour was apparent from his early days as guitarist with the band "Skyhooks" who swept onto the Australian music charts with their "Living in the 70's" anthem, and hits including "Ego is Not a Dirty Word", "Women in Uniform', "Blue Jeans" and "All My Friends are Getting Married".

His popularity as a media personality, however, was clear during his years with the long-running television pr ogram, Hey Hey It's Saturday . Red became one of the shows most endearing performers despite being the heartless and sarcastic judge in the weekly "Red Faces" segment.

Australia's Got Talent is based on the format created by Simon Cowell. The US version was the number 1 new program in this year's US summer schedule.

Australia's Got Talent will premiere on Channel Seven in February.