2007 - a Year of Surprises

It's going to be another huge year for Sunrise with new faces, a new look and new segments on Australia's number one breakfast show.

It's a year full of surprises and here's what you can expect:

New Set - Brekky Central has undergone a facelift. The studio is now the most modern in Australia with three permanent areas for interviews and live music.

New Weather Presenter - Monique Wright is hitting the road in the Nescafe Blend 43 Weather Winnebago traveling to every corner of the country introducing us to the local characters.

The "Other" Editorial - Some of the biggest names in radio and comedy will give their take on news and other topical issues. Those making us laugh include Jonesy & Amanda, Peter Berner, Fifi Box, Paul Murray and The Sandman.

Sunrise All Stars - Everyday the All Stars pass judgment on the day's headlines. Joining us this year are:

  • Monday - Richard Glover and Nicole Sheffield
  • Tuesday - Michelle Anderson and James Valentine
  • Wednesday - Neil Mitchell and Ita Buttrose
  • Thursday - Jackie Frank and John Mangos
  • Friday - Fiona O'Loughlin and Greg Cary

Big Guns of Politics - Kevin Rudd and Jo Hockey return in 2007 going head to head on all things political.

Sunrise Sports Panel - AFL legend Sam Kekovich joins the panel every Monday and Friday. He'll pair up with Australian netball captain Liz Ellis each Monday and swimming great Elka Graham every Friday.

London Calling - We'll check in on London with ex-pat Kathy Lette each Wednesday. The renowned social commentator and author will take us through the London tabloids and major UK events.

Sunrise Concert Series - The always popular Concert Series returns this year. See all the biggest names in pop and rock live at Brekky Central.

Music with Molly Meldrum - Molly's little black book guarantees Sunrise exclusive and unprecedented access to the biggest names in music every Tuesday.

Movies with Jono - Jono Coleman is back in Australia to review the week's new releases at the cinema and interview the biggest stars.

Ask the Gadget Guy - Pete Blasina knows how to simplify the most advanced concepts in technology. Every week on Sunrise, he'll show us new gadgets and answer viewer questions.

Ask Doctor Keith - Dr Keith Suter is our resident expert on Foreign Affairs. Keith explains the most complex of situations in the most basic of terms.

The Sunrise Clinic - Dr John D'Arcy is Australia's most respected GP. Every fortnight, he opens the Sunrise Clinic to answer viewer questions on anything medical.

Counseling Corner - Jo Lamble and Anne Hollands answer viewer questions and offer advice on relationships, family and career.

Sunrise Mothers' Group - All mums can take part in this segment sharing anecdotes and experiences about motherhood.

Hollywood Gossip - Nobody is better connected and nobody gets better access to the biggest names than Nelson Aspen. As well as his exclusive interviews, Nelson joins the team every single morning with the juiciest showbiz gossip.

Beat The Stylist - Every Tuesday a Sunrise viewer goes head to head with a professional stylist with just $200 in their pocket to see who can create the best outfit.

Sunrise Makeover - Viewers will nominate someone they'd like to receive a makeover. Their transformation will be revealed live.

Wardrobe Renovation - Sunrise delves into your wardrobe discovering what's hot and what's not.

Find Me A Date - Sunrise will send couples on blind dates and film every move in their search for love.

Cooking Shortcuts - Renowned chefs Darren Simpson and Barbara Northwood will reveal their best recipes and cooking shortcuts every Monday.