The jury has spoken – former world Ironman champion Guy Leech tonight took out the title of Celebrity Survivor.

After an intense tribal council, during which the 42-year-old and fellow finalist JUSTIN MELVEY were grilled by the jury of ELTON FLATLEY, GABRIELLE RICHENS, DAVID OLDFIELD, NICOLLE DICKSON and IMOGEN BAILEY, Guy scored three votes to Justin's two and won the series.

"I'm just relieved," Guy said. "No one pats you on the back and tells you how good you are at the final tribal council – that's not the nature of the concept of Survivor. They drag up every bit of dirt of you where as in the ironman races I used to do, a win was a win!

"I know I got lucky getting back into the game after being voted out but I had to work to stay. I knew I was on the chopping block again but I think I played a clean game overall and have now won because of it. I was never going to throw someone down the toilet who was in my alliance."

As for the show's runners-up, Justin and Imogen, Guy is full of praise.

"Justin was very careful about how he presented himself and sometimes that was misconstrued as being a bit airy, but he's not. He looked completely different at the end than he did at the start. He lost weight and his head was clearly into the game. He was a fierce competitor.

"Imogen transformed from being a whingeing lamb at the slaughter to seeing the finish line in sight and was very keen to get to the end. I know some will call her the people's champion for being in the game the whole time – it's definitely a consolation prize for her and I'm the first to admit it. But I don't think Imogen would have got the vote if she made it to the final two – she'd played the game a different way."

Funnily enough, Imogen credits Fiona Horne with bringing out some of her fighting spirit.

"It wasn't until Fiona came after me that my journey changed," she said. "I was the one standing in the background to start with and wanted to go home. But when I had to stand up for myself, something clicked into place. I realised I had to prove to myself I could do this and that meant I had to stand up and fight for my survival. I came off the island a new woman; I am now stronger and more confident. I have also never known myself or what I want from life more than I do now. It was for me a journey of self discovery and a transformation I am beyond grateful for. I now know I can do anything!"

And while she's happy for Guy that he won, the final tribal council was difficult.

"I was happy for Guy because I knew he was a Survivor addict. He wanted the experience and he wanted to compete until the very end but I was unhappy in the final tribal council because I was mad at the boys. On the night I left the island, I learned from the jury that Guy had lied to Nic and I – David was not going to betray us and he had not offered the boys an alliance. It was a sales spiel we were fed about it being a clean fight to the end and I fell for it."

Justin on the other hand, had a feeling it would be a close game.

"I thought it was going to be two-three," he says. "I knew I'd get Nic and Im's votes but I just didn't know if I had Gabby because she never gave me the chance to explain some of the stuff that went on. If I had Gabby's vote I would have won. But I didn't care how far I got. After two weeks, I was happy to have reached that but afterwards I was bored and it was like groundhog day – I knew where to find food, it was just that the challenges were different. But I'm glad that I stayed because going to the volcano in the helicopter for that reward challenge has been one of the highlights of my entire life.

"And I made it to the finals – what more can you ask? And to be strictly honest, at the end of the day, I don't think it was about winning the game. I also made some solid friendships that will last a lifetime."

Guy's $100,000 prize will go to his charity, Ride Aid, while $5000 will be donated to Justin's charity, Diabetes Australia and $5000 will go to Imogen's charity, the Australia Cambodia Foundation.