Thursday November 2 at8.30pm

It is post tribal council on day 23 and Imogen Bailey is hurting after the loss of her best buddy and long-time ally, Nicolle Dickson.

Im admits she's also finding it hard that Justin Melvey and Guy Leech have had some time out from the harsh conditions and come back refreshed where as she is the only celebrity who has been on the island since the beginning.

The next day, Justin comments that splitting up the show's longest standing alliance has given him and Guy a much better chance of winning. Nonetheless, he's keen to win the final immunity to be on the safe side. Imogen notes that if Guy scores the necklace and subsequently makes it to the final two, he will be hard to beat in front of the jury.

Later, the final three celebrities make their way to the challenge but are first made to take an emotional detour through a cave. There, they reminisce about the celebs that have gone before them - Kym Johnson, Ben, Fiona Horne, Amber Petty, Wayne Gardner, Elton Flatley, Gabrielle Richens, David Oldfield and Nicolle Dickson - and light torches for each as a mark of respect.

Afterwards, they are collected in canoes and taken to the immunity challenge, which takes place on rafts anchored to the sea bed. The object of the game is simple. The survivors must stand on the rafts. For the first hour, both hands and feet must be touching at all times and if any other part of the body touches the raft, the celeb is out. If after an hour, they don't have a result, they must stand with just three limbs touching the raft and so on.

It's a game of balance and endurance and a test as to how much the survivors want to win immunity. Whoever wins will automatically go through to the final two but must first cast the only vote in that evening's tribal council - thereby removing who they don't want to take with them to the end.

The following day, the 25th on the island, the final two spend their last day at camp and that night, the critical tribal council takes place. The jury of Elton, Gabrielle, David, Nicolle and the latest evictee vote to decide who will be the sole survivor and win the $100,000 for their charity.