The tribe has spoken.

Celebrity Survivor tonight claimed its eighth victim: actor JUSTIN MELVEY.

The 37-year-old was voted off the Vanuatu island following allegations from Tanna tribemates IMOGEN BAILEY and NICOLLE DICKSON that he was involved in behind-the-scenes deal making. And in an explosive tribal council, Imogen removed the immunity necklace to prove she had the strength of her convictions.

The model told DICKO that until this point, the game for the girls had always been about Justin winning - they were asked to stand in front of him and fall over when the time was right. Imogen said there was never any allowance for the fact that they themselves might want to win.

As a result, last night's fiery ep saw the girls decide it was time to play their own game and Tanna members Imogen, Nicolle and GABRIELLE RICHENS conspired with DAVID OLDFIELD to vote Justin out.

But the actor insists he simply had an alliance with the girls which had been based around them wanting to throw the towel in early and it was he that convinced them to stay.

"I was pretty much tight with quite a few people because of nothing but friendships, loyalties and respect," said Justin. "Now, a lot of the girls wanted to give up. And they wanted to support me as far as they could go. They had wanted to leave the show because they were getting rained on, they were starving and sick of trying to survive in damp clothes and every other climatic condition you could imagine.

"They more or less wanted to give up and I convinced a few of the girls that if they stayed, we could be pretty strong against the other guys who are going to beat us in the challenges. With a strong alliance, we could make it pretty far and they kind of agreed on that. Then last night, Imogen won immunity and Nicci won one of the challenges and it got to the stage where we were in the home stretch. There was only five of us left and they all of a sudden thought that they had a chance to win and decided to go for gold."

Justin admits he was disappointed when voted off but was also impressed with the girls' newfound strength.

"Psychologically I had it in me to go all the way to the end," he said. "The first week was hard but then we found our pawpaw, we found our mandarins, we found our sugar cane and I could make fire every day and night. I could cook tarot and I could make a breakfast like David. There was nothing I couldn't do. When things got easier for me, I was quite upbeat and confident and I helped push people along. In doing so, I gave some of the girls inspiration and a bit of clarity and in doing so, I fuelled them up with a lot of psychological strength and that kind of backfired! But that's Survivor."

Justin's involvement in the show will see $5000 donated to his charity, Diabetes Australia .

There are now four contestants remaining in contention to win the grand prize of $100,000 for their charity.

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