Four classic British comedy series will return to TV in GREAT COMEDY CLASSICS, premiering on Channel Seven Saturday 14 October, from 7.30pm .

Presented by comedian and self-confessed Benny Hill fanatic, Russell Gilbert, GREAT COMEDY CLASSICS brings to life the great comedy hits of the 1970's packaged into a two hour extravaganza of gags and boom-tish.

Are You Being Served, George and Mildred, The Benny Hill Show and Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em will screen back-to-back.

Russell Gilbert said: " It's most fitting for a bloke like me to be presenting these classics, especially since I was practically raised on Benny Hill!"

The pilot of Are You Being Served was filmed in 1972, and the department store sitcom made it to air on the BBC the following year - running for 69 episodes and making stars out of John Inman as Mr Humphries, the senior sales assistant in menswear whose catchcry was "I'm Free"; and Mollie Sugden, as Mrs Slocombe, the head of ladies fashion.

George and Mildred was the spin off of the UK comedy Man About The House - and saw the title characters - played by Brian Murphy and Yootha Joyce - move upmarket into a new home at 46 Peacock Crescent . George and Mildred debuted in 1976 and ran for 38 episodes.

The Benny Hill Show debuted in 1969 and ran for 58 episodes - bringing to life such memorable characters as Fred Scuttle, and the townsfolk of Little Dimpton - and not forgetting the bevy of beauties, named Hill's Angels.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em saw Michael Crawford bring Frank Spencer to life - only 22 episodes were made, premiering in 1973. Crawford, of course, went on to massive success as a stage performer in the West End , in such productions as Phantom of the Opera.