Deal or No Deal host ANDREW O'KEEFE is set to twirl Deal's banker - Walter P Smythe - around the floor when Dancing with the Deal kicks off on Monday, September 18 at 5.30pm on Channel Seven.

Featuring some of the biggest names from the upcoming series of Dancing With the Stars - basketball legendANDREW GAZE, athleteTAMSYN LEWIS , footballer ANTHONY KOUTOUFIDES , world class chess player ARIANNE CAOILI and Home & Away'sCHRIS HEMSWORTH - Dancing With the Deal puts the home viewer centre-stage with each celebrity's win credited directly to their home viewer's bank account.

According to Deal or No Deal host Andrew O'Keefe, Dancing with the Deal shows viewers a side of celebrities they rarely get to see.

"The great thing about Deal is seeing how people cope under pressure. The special thing about Dancing with the Deal is seeing how people you think you know cope under that same pressure," said Andrew.

Monday, September 18 at 5.30pm

Andrew Gaze gets off to a shaky start picking a case containing a mere $10. Determined to win big for his home viewer, Gaze carefully considers every bank offer and keeps his game face on at tall times.

Tuesday, September 19 at 5.30pm

Hungry to win, Tamsyn Lewis kicks off with an amazing first couple of rounds. Tamsyn too is very mindful that she is playing for her home viewer, but does not want to settle for second place. For Tamsyn, it's a constant battle between her competitive and cautious sides - which side will be triumphant in the end?

Wednesday, September 20 at 5.30pm

Kouta decides on a measured game and is rewarded with a cracking first round bank offer. Despite careful consideration for his home viewer, Kouta's luck takes a dip in the second . . . can he turn it around in time?

Thursday, September 21 at 5.30pm

A serious competitor, Arrianne comes to the game with a steely determination to win big for her home viewer. Like any game of chess, there's always a make or break point game point - will Arrianne being on the winning side of it?

Friday, September 22 at 5.30pm

Chris Hemsworth plays a very cool game despite taking a few big hits early on. With the

$100, 000 still in play till the last stages of the game - it's an entertaining fight to the very end.