The tribe has spoken. Celebrity Survivor has claimed its third victim: white witch FIONA HORNE.

The 40-year-old hid her shock well at tribal council after being voted off the Vanuatu island. Fiona had believed she was part of a solid alliance with fellow original Moso tribe mates, JUSTIN MELVEY and AMBER PETTY - but Amber stuck with new Moso members, DAVID OLDFIELD and ELTON FLATLEY, thereby casting the deciding vote for Fiona.

"I was heartbroken that Amber turned," admits Fiona. "I couldn't stop crying afterwards. But I stand by everything I did and I have no regrets. Everything I did sincerely came from a place of wanting to help and support my tribe.

"I was never in it to win it. I did want to raise money for my charity and have an amazing experience - which I did. There's no better way to turn 40 that to appear on Celebrity Survivor ."

Fiona also said that if she had the opportunity to go back on the island - she'd do it in a flash.

"I know where to dig for taro root and where to find the stream to bathe naked in" she laughs. "My spiritual path has me in such a way that I find nature sacred so surrendering myself to the elements was profoundly rewarding. I loved how simple life was there. It was just the basics - food, fire, water and shelter. It had absolutely everything I needed to be happy. Living in such a convoluted environment like Hollywood and making a career there, to have the opportunity to experience life at its purist and most simple was beautiful. No matter what people have seen of conflict on the island, the memory I have is of the beauty."

Fiona's involvement in the show will see $5000 donated to her charity, Project Aware.

There are now nine contestants remaining in contention to win the grand prize of $100,000 for their charity.

Celebrity Survivor screens on Seven on Thursdays at 8.30pm