The tribe has spoken. Celebrity Survivor last night claimed its second victim: ex-SAS officer BEN.

The 32-year-old was voted off the island in Vanuatu by his tribe mates, who, while grateful for all the survival knowledge he had imparted, felt more loyalty to their original Kakula tribe members.

"I kind of expected it to be honest," Ben said. "I came into the game a bit later and the tribe had already formed a bond. I pretty much figured it was me, Gabrielle or David. I would have liked to stay longer but I also knew I was a threat."

An ex-SAS officer and now a private security bodyguard working in Iraq , Ben is a survival expert who helped Kakula find food on the island they never knew existed and even taught them how to make toothbrushes out of bamboo.

"They've learnt enough now - I'm sure they'll live OK out there without me. What took me by surprise was how nice everybody was and how friendly they all were! But it's early days yet - they're sleeping on the ground, there are restricted amounts of food and they have a high activity level - it will definitely take their toll on people in time.

"There are some strong personalities and there's already some conflict there with a few members of the other tribe. There will be a bit of headbutting. Nobody really liked Fiona's attitude - she wasn't gracious at all when we shared our reward prize with her tribe. We thought she had a false sense of bravado."

There are now 10 contestants remaining in contention to win the grand prize of $100,000 for their charity.

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