One man stands between $1 million and five aspiring millionaires on Channel Seven's new quiz show THE MASTER.

Hosted by Sunrise 's Mark Beretta, and featuring Martin Flood as "The Master", this new series is an original concept devised by producer Grant Rule in conjunction with Seven - premiering Wednesday August 16, at 8.30pm .

Flood is a member of an elite club - thanks to his extraordinary intellect he is one of only two Australians to win a million dollars on television. He will use all of his powers as he attempts to block five eager challengers from getting their hands on one million dollars.

Each week five players contest a series of rapid-fire rounds of general knowledge questions both against each other and the clock to earn the right to challenge The Master for his title and one million dollars.

Flood is also one of Australia 's most controversial game show contestants - accused, then cleared of cheating on national television on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire".

Asked if he has sympathy or advice for the contestants banking their hopes on winning cold hard cash, Martin doesn't divert from the job at hand. "It's all about protecting the money and weeding out the biggest threat. Any advice I give the contestants could take them one step closer to the money so I'll keep my advice to myself."

Show creator Grant Rule said of the quiz concept: "I have always been fascinated by quiz programs on television. In many ways quiz players remind me of elite sportsmen and women. They are driven, competitive, often combative and in most cases egotistical. The difference is the playing field which in their case is the mind."

Host Mark Beretta said of his new primetime gig: "What I love about THE MASTER is it's not just about one person's quest for a million dollars, but five people each week starting on equal ground with a chance of winning. They will be pitted against each other mentally and emotionally with the most knowledgeable, calmest and fastest moving forward. That's what being a true champion is all about and I can't wait to meet them."