13 Jan 2006, 01:26:04 PM

Channel Seven have announced Chris Bath will host You've Got the Job, an observational documentary series following the highs and lows of real people going for real jobs and the employers who wrestle with the dilemma of which applicant to hire.

The half hour, local series premiering in February follows the dreams, ambitions and angst of those who have decided to make a change to their lives with a change of job. And we'll meet the employers who can make it happen with the words "You've got the job!"

Cameras will capture every candid move from both the perspective of the employer and the applicant: the selection, the interview, the deliberation, the waiting and finally, the outcome.

Commenting on the new program, Seven's Director of Programming and Production Tim Worner said the series' opportunities for natural tension and human drama will make compelling television.

"We've opened the doors on what is normally a very private process. Job interviews are something everyone can relate to, but being a fly on the wall in that situation is unique."

"We've had immense success with observational programs Border Security and Medical Emergency. We'll see the same level of quality, honesty and objectivity from this production as well," he said.

Bath, a Seven News anchor and Dancing with the Stars runner-up says the memory of her first job interview is still fresh in her mind today.

"Whether it's your first interview or your 20th, going for a job is always a nerve wracking experience. You always wonder if you're wearing the right outfit, saying the right thing and asking the right questions," she said.

"I wish I'd seen the show to get some tips, when I was a 15 year old schoolgirl trying to get a job as a part-time sales assistant in a frock shop. I think everyone will learn something from watching the real life dramas that unfold in this program."

From a fast food manager to a fighter pilot, You've Got the Job covers all employment categories from the $100K plus jobs to award-paying first jobs through to aspirational and glamour jobs.

You've Got The Job is a co-production for Channel Seven and Beyond Productions. Network Executive Producer is David Mason (Channel Seven) and Co-Executive Producer is Ben Ulm (Beyond).