02 Dec 2005, 01:44:52 PM

From the makers of BORDER SECURITY comes a new, groundbreaking series that will take viewers behind the scenes of the often dangerous world of police officers.

The as-yet-untitled series will follow the men and women in blue as they defend the community against crime. Seven Network cameras will be right there following them on the frontline as they confront everything from murders and crash investigations to missing persons, burglaries and other felonies.

This is the first time an Australian television network has been granted unprecedented access to all police activity. Made in co-operation with the Western Australia Police Service, it will follow city, country and outback officers in their continuous efforts to maintain law and order.

Executive producer Dan Meenan states, “Everyone at the Seven Network is extremely excited about our new, groundbreaking police series. The success of Border Security has helped us develop a strong relationship built on trust with the Western Australian Police Department. This ensures the incredible access necessary to make this new cop series a popular prime time show.”

Seven has proven itself a leader in factual programming and this exciting new show will continue the network's established reputation in this genre.

The series will make its debut on the Seven Network in 2006.