"Our WA" - 2 One Hour Specials

02 Dec 2005, 01:39:38 PM

"Flying Doctors - On the Road"

Paula Voce, in her debut producing role, heads up this locally produced program. The one hour special takes a look at the valuable work the Royal Flying Doctor carries out - not only in the air - but also on the ground.

This primary health care service fills a large gap in remote WA, reaching out to those who live in isolation or on mine sites, cattle stations and in outback communities.

Some of the Pilbara's spectacular outback is showcased as characters are met who haven't seen a doctor in years, and in some cases even decades.

Our WA : Flying Doctors - On the Road
December 4 at 7:30pm on Seven

"Harvest Highway"

The second of Paula Voce's production achievements is a journey through our Southwest on the Harvest Highway.

Presented by Paula Voce, Sharon Dale and Tod Johnston discover what to do, where to eat and the great places available to stay at - right on Perth's door step.

This one hour special follows the Southwest Highway and highlights local farmers who say there's so much fresh produce along this stretch of road, they now call it their own - Harvest Highway.

Our WA : Harvest Highway
December 18 at 7:30pm on Seven