24 Mar 2005, 09:52:47 AM

CHANNEL SEVEN is proud to present the dramatic new real life documentary series MEDICAL EMERGENCY, premiering Tuesday April 5 at 10pm. Hosted by Georgie Parker, MEDICAL EMERGENCY will follow the lives of the staff at work at The Alfred Hospital Emergency and Trauma Centre in Melbourne.

From basic wound injuries to major traumas and life threatening surgery, viewers are invited to take an unprecedented behind the scenes look at how emergency staff cope in these situations.

Some of those regularly inviting us into their working day lives include: registrars Dr Deborah Bernstein and Dr Matt Labatagglia; consultants Dr Fred Mori, Dr John Coleridge and Dr Mark Santamaria; and nurses Emma Newton-Brown and Kylie Wilson. The Emergency and Trauma staff take us through the medical diagnoses of a patient on arrival, right through to treatment and stabilisation or release from the Emergency Centre.

In addition to the hospital's internal emergencies, the series also travels with the Metropolitan Ambulance Service observing their work close-up throughout the greater Melbourne community.

Medical Emergency also provides insight into how patients and their concerned loved ones cope in these extraordinary situations, including an occasional update on patients awaiting a lifesaving transplant operation.

According to the program's Executive Producer, David Mason, such an innovative presentation of raw, real time footage of the experiences faced by staff and patients in the face of everyday medical emergencies will transport “Australian audiences directly into the Emergency Department for a first hand look at what goes on.”

A Channel Seven production team has already spent several months at the hospital and will be based there until May gathering and documenting footage. The production team is also working closely with Alfred staff to ensure that patient care and privacy remain the highest priority throughout the duration of this project.

MEDICAL EMERGENCY aims to break new ground in the Australian television scene by providing valuable insight into previously unseen situations for the wider community.

This exciting new observational medical series premieres

on Channel Seven on Tuesday April 5 following All Saints.