07 Apr 2005, 04:30:10 PM

7.30pm Thursday April 7 on Channel Seven

Seventy-two hours after helping Perth to victory over Melbourne in the first team elimination, CHEF SHANE KEIGHLEY has quit the Fremantle restaurant.

A staff dispute with mother and son team, SANDY AND ANDRE, resulted in the sudden exit of The Mint Leaf's Head Chef and Sous Chef just hours before service last night.

Conflict at the Perth restaurant has been raging on MY RESTAURANT RULES as front of house and kitchen staff have bickered about service and staff attitudes for the last few weeks.

Chef Shane, a former WA Chef of the Year, left his senior position at Perth's acclaimed Oceanus Restaurant to help Perth try and win MY RESTAURANT RULES for the second year running. How the drama unfolds will be revealed on MY RESTAURANT RULES 7.30pm this Thursday.

In Melbourne, new team NATHAN AND GEORGIA, have taken control of their St Kilda restaurant. They have hired new staff, re-hired old staff, and created a new menu and name for their restaurant. Sleep deprivation seems to be their biggest problem as they struggle to get their restaurant in top working order to avoid elimination.

In Sydney, a visit by Evan's family to Pink Salt causes tension between BELLA AND EVAN.

In Adelaide, JOHN AND JUSTINE take time out from The Greedy Goose to celebrate their son Noah's 4th birthday. They finally admit long hours at the restaurant are impacting on their family.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane, TODD AND FRANCESCA swap jobs for a night with Francesca running the kitchen and Todd working the floor. In preparation Todd goes all “metrosexual” getting a haircut and eye brow wax.