My Restaurant Rules - SHUTDOWN

22 Apr 2005, 10:59:37 AM

7.30pm Thursdays and Sundays on Channel Seven



PERTH - Perth's THE MINT LEAF seems to be haunted by a few ghosts. A local clairvoyant/medium visited the restaurant to scout for spiritual presence. Waitress, Jax had an experience a few days ago when a floor fan started up on its own. Table 26 has also been plagued by mysterious happenings as side dishes go missing, orders disappear, and bills ring up as 'paid'. John told Sandy she is the key because of her work with children. It seems the spirit of a little girl wants to join her mum and she is drawn to Sandy because of her warmth. The little girl was called Nelly, aged 6 or 7, and choked to death in the restaurant building around 1915. Nelly told John she wants to join her mum (who she called Aunt to disguise the fact she was a single mum). Sandy says that another medium had told them it was someone who couldn't leave as well! Believe it or not!!!

BRISBANE - At RESTAURANT LOUVRE Dr Harry Cooper drops in for dinner. Todd and Francesca asked him if he would look at their limping dog “Hugo”. After sending a friend off to collect Hugo and bring him to the restaurant Dr Harry delivered his diagnosis. Hugo will have to undergo major surgery in the next 48 hours.

ADELAIDE: Television chef Ian Parmenter dropped in for a bite at THE GREEDY GOOSE this week. The foodie is in town for meetings with a local wine and beverage festival, which will kick off in October. After a bite to eat John and Ian sat down to discuss 'chefy' things.