27 Apr 2005, 03:30:58 PM

7.30pm Thursday April 28 on Channel Seven

This week on MY RESTAURANT RULES the female contestants are let loose on the four remaining restaurants, but will they know their béarnaise from their béchamel?

JUSTINE HALL (Adelaide), FRANCESCA de VALENCE (Brisbane), GEORGIA WILSON (Melbourne), and BELLA SERVENTI (Sydney) are solely responsible for the next two restaurants nominated for shutdown. Nothing is sacred - menus are under inspection, tough questions are fired at staff and décor is scrutinized.

Thursday night at 7.30pm on Seven ADELAIDE restaurant The Greedy Goose and SYDNEY's Pink Salt are reviewed.

In ADELAIDE fighting words come from Francesca whose husband Todd is Head Chef at Brisbane's Restaurant Louvre. But, the harshest criticism comes when the group visits SYDNEY. The girls upset Evan and leaves Bella comparing their table to 'a giant black hole in the middle of our restaurant'.

Sunday MELBOURNE and BRISBANE are under review and two restaurants will be nominated for shutdown.

We're just over a month away from IAN 'DICKO' DICKSON announcing which restaurant will claim the title of MY RESTAURANT RULES. With four restaurants left in the game only one will win.