Playing it Straight

12 Aug 2004, 09:55:07 AM

How good is your gaydar? Can you tell by looking at a man and talking to him whether he is gay or straight?

Welcome to Rebecca's world in Playing It Straight! Rebecca is 23, sweet, gorgeous and innocent. She's looking for love and has 12 exceptionally handsome and eligible guys to choose from. But are they all as they seem? At least half of the guys are gay and they're there not there for love, but for money.

Here's the deal, if Rebecca picks a straight guy as the man of her dreams, they'll split $200,000. But, if the guy she ends up picking is gay, he walks away with the full $200,000 and she is left with nothing. The 12 guys will do anything to seduce her - but who is seducing for love and who is after the cash?

Through a series of dates and group activities, Rebecca eliminates the guys one by one - obviously hoping that the guys she is eliminating are gay, not straight. Only when she has eliminated a guy does she - and the audience at home - find out the truth. In a signature cliffhanger moment, Rebecca gets to ask, "Before you go, I have to know: are you gay or are you straight?"

So here's your chance to test your own gaydar. Twelve handsome, eligible men: can you tell who's genuinely straight or who is just Playing it Straight?