Forensic Investigators

12 Aug 2004, 10:36:43 AM

Matthew DeGruchy 28 years for murdering his mother, sister and brother.

Serial murderer Paul Denyer 30 years for the murders of three Melbourne girls.

Richard Leonard “never to be released” after the gruesome murder of two strangers.

Just how did police crack these cases to put a killer behind bars?

Hosted by Lisa McCune, FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS is a confronting new documentary drama focusing on Australian murder cases and the way in which they were solved.

FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS will revisit the scenes of infamous and bizarre murders, and take viewers into the world of the investigations that followed. The series will show the extraordinary time, effort and commitment that detectives and forensic specialists go through to find evidence and track down the perpetrator.

Unlike other crime series, FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS has rare access to police videos, crime scene stills, interviews with the criminal and other forensic evidence. Footage that has never been seen outside of the courtroom will give viewers first-hand knowledge of the investigation.

Cases include the Milosevic murders, in which an entire family was wiped out. Ballistics, arson experts, crash scene replications and an exhumation helped to find the murderer and uncover a secret buried for three years.

In the South Australian killings of Megumi Suzuki and Maya Jakic, detectives relied on forensic entomologists (maggot experts who can work out time of death), document examiners, voice experts and a team of volunteers and police who turned an entire rubbish tip upside down.

And in Sydney, the notorious 1980s are re-visited with the murder of Harvey Jones, a small-time crim with a big mouth. Forensic odontology (a specialised form of dentistry), a rare cardigan fabric and secretly taped conversations amongst other evidence would bring down the killer.

In each of the cases, witnesses, detectives and crime scene examiners, as well as family members and friends of the deceased, will tell their part of the story. Through their accounts, viewers will go on a fascinating journey as investigators piece together tiny pieces of evidence, and witness the intriguing way they are slotted into a puzzle that reveals the murderer.

Creator and executive producer for Southern Star is Fiona Baker, who has been producing, writing and developing lifestyle and prime time reality programs for more than a decade. Fiona is best known for founding and producing the high-profile RPA.

Executive producer for the Seven Network is Dan Meenan, known for his work on The Body Specialists and Good Medicine.

FORENSIC INVESTIGATORS is produced by Southern Star for the Seven Network.