Seven's Olympic Games continues to dominate

19 Aug 2004, 04:48:53 PM

Seven Domination

2.45 million in primetime, 1.72 million in afternoon,

1.2 million for The Dream.

Seven News peaks at 1.75 million.

Seven's coverage of the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad has again dominated primetime television.

Seven again doubled Ten's audience and overwhelmed Nine in primetime on Wednesday. Sunrise out-delivered Today by 4:1 – peaking at more than 860,000 viewers. Live afternoon coverage effectively doubled the size Seven's primetime – extending back to 3:30pm with a peak audience of 1.72 million.

Seven's primetime coverage was the most-watched programme on television on Wednesday – with a peak audience of 2.45 million. Following the Games of the XXVIII Olympiad was Seven News – with a peak audience of 1.75 million and an average audience of 1.61 million.

Primetime audience shares: Seven 36.7%, Nine 24.6%, Ten 18.2%, ABC 12.0% and SBS 8.4%.

And Roy and H.G. extended primetime into late-night – with The Dream peaking at 1.23 million and pulling 68% audience shares in Sydney and Melbourne

Seven's live coverage of day 5 in Athens – from midnight to 7:00am, EST continues to see Australians staying up overnight and Sunrise continues to overwhelm Today – delivering nearly four times the audience of its nearest competitor.

Seven's daytime coverage continues to dominate – with a peak audience of just under 600,000 in early morning, 645,000 in mid-morning and surging to a peak of just under ¾ million in the afternoon before leading into live coverage

Seven's live coverage this morning (Thursday) delivered a whopping peak of 824,812 as Australians focused their attention on swimming from the Olympic Pool