25 Aug 2004, 09:28:44 AM

7.30pm Tuesday August 31 on the Seven Network

Psychics, clairvoyants, numerologists, mediums - they say they can cross over to the other side, but will they come back with the big money? In a television first, DEAL OR NO DEAL puts them to the test at 7.30pm Tuesday August 31 on the Seven Network.

Twenty-six professional psychics will use their sensory powers to try and win themselves a share of more than $2 million. The contestants include psychics with a range of specialised skills, including a white witch, spiritual healers, astrologers, tarot readers, face readers and the President of the Australian Psychic Association.

Hosted by ANDREW O'KEEFE, the DEAL OR NO DEAL PSYCHIC SPECIAL will be filmed before a studio audience and monitored by leading financial auditors KPMG.

Twenty-five contestants will take to the podium and with every correct guess of the amount in the briefcases the individual player will win $1000. The main contestant will use their special ability to choose the one briefcase with the ultimate prize of $2 million, then one-by-one eliminate the remaining 25 briefcases.

“If they have faith in their gift and are as accurate as they claim then we should see 25 contestants walk away with $1000 and one contestant take home the $2 million top prize,” says Andrew, who's also been warned many will 'read' his emotions and possibly his future during the show.

Rachal from The Oracle At Delphi, a 'reading-room' based in Melbourne's Ferntree Gully, is an African Sharman and will be competing on the night.

“It is a very real possibility the $2 million will be won and everyone I've spoken to is really excited about the prospect,” she says. “Psychic ability is dependent on emotion, and some contestants will try and tune in to the crew around them, others will concentrate on the emotion surrounding the cases, some may do a reading the night before or even mediate upon or fast over it.”

It's also feasible those desperate to win the money will cast a spell over the game to give themselves a better chance of winning. And what if some contestants try to pick up the energy of the KPMG auditor who knows which case contains the $2 million? Rachal suggests he wears a quartz crystal against his skin to block the psychic energy.

Will someone walk away with the $2 million or will it be a win for the sceptics? They may have the gift, but will they get the cash? Find out soon on the DEAL OR NO DEAL PSYCHIC SPECIAL7.30pm Tuesday August 31 on the Seven Network.