25 Aug 2004, 10:09:16 AM

Starts Tuesday August 31 on the Seven Network

Get set for the richest month in Australian game-show history as ANDREW O'KEEFE hosts a DEAL OR NO DEAL $12 MILLION MONTH.

Starting Tuesday August 31 the stakes are raised as the prize pot overflows and contestants have the chance to walk away with a share of $12 million in just five weeks.

Monday to Friday one contestant will be in the spotlight as they weigh-up their odds and play for the grand prize of $200,000 – that's $1 million each week.

And just when you think the deal's been done, think again. In September we introduce the “Super Case” and “Second Chance” options. Contestants who have opted to deal will be forced to rethink their decision and be tempted by the lure of more money. It's a climax guaranteed to set your heart racing.

Then, once-a-week starting 7.30pm Tuesday August 31, DEAL OR NO DEAL will present a special episode with more than $2 million on the prize board. First up it's the DEAL OR NO DEAL PSYCHIC SPECIAL where twenty-six professional psychics use their sensory powers to try and win themselves the ultimate prize and become an instant multi-millionaire.

This year DEAL OR NO DEAL has revolutionised the 5.30pm timeslot and for the first time seen a contestant walk away with the top prize of $200,000.

DEAL OR NO DEAL is produced and recorded in Melbourne, and created by game-show heavyweight John de Mol of Southern Star Endemol Productions for the Seven Network.

5.30pm weeknights and the
$2 million episodes 7.30pm Tuesdays
throughout September on the Seven Network