All new AMAZING RACE coming soon to Seven

30 Sep 2004, 01:31:43 PM


The fifth instalment of the two-time Emmy Award-winning series THE AMAZING RACE will premiere on Thursday October 14 at 8.30pm on Seven.

AMAZING RACE 5 features 11 teams of two, each with a pre-existing relationship. The contestants travel the world, racing through several international locales, performing mentally challenging and physically gruelling tasks.

Without mobile phones and carrying only limited cash, the teams will be filmed around the clock as their wits – and relationships – are pushed to breaking point.

Those who can't keep up with the quick pace will be eliminated from the competition, while the team to make it back first with all the tasks completed wins the global game of the century – and a $US1 million cash prize!

The teams in AMAZING RACE 5 are: Brandon and Nicole, a dating Christian couple from Los Angeles; Kami and Karli, identical twins from Eugene, Oregon; Linda and Karen, best friends, mothers and amateur bowlers from Palmdale, California; Marshall and Lance, brothers who run a pizza restaurant in Dallas, Texas; Charla and Mirna, cousins from Baltimore, Maryland; Dennis and Erika, formerly engaged, now trying to rekindle their love from New York; Bob and Joyce, widowers who found each other on the internet, from Mount Laurel, New Jersey; Colin and Christie, dating from Corpus Christie, Texas; Chip and Kim, married parents from Orange County, California; Jim and Marsha, an ex-military father/daughter wanting a closer relationship from Florida; and Alison and Donny, an on-again, off again-couple from Pennsylvania.



Thursday October 14

at 8.30pm on Seven