17 Nov 2004, 04:18:26 PM


  • Part One Tuesday November 23 at 8.30pm

  • Part Two Wednesday November 24 at 8.30pm

In the heart of the Australian outback, a baby vanished into the night. A nation and then the world became fascinated by the mystery, curious that the mother claimed a dingo took her baby, intrigued that perhaps she was in fact a murderer.

The story that unfolded has captivated people like no other event. Lindy Chamberlain found herself swept up in a wave of overwhelming odds as she was accused of murder, found guilty and put in jail for life with hard labour. How did this happen? And why did two thirds of the nation believe she was guilty?

With information never before revealed, Channel Seven's two-part mini-series, Through My Eyes, the true untold story of Lindy Chamberlain tells how an ordinary mother found herself accused, then convicted of murder. This mini-series is the culmination of three years of research and interviews with hundreds of people actually involved.

It exposes for the first time the real story of a police force determined to get revenge, bad science and a bloody-minded determination to ignore evidence that suggested innocence with a focus instead on anything that might suggest guilt.

With an outstanding cast led by Miranda Otto (as Lindy Chamberlain), Craig McLachlan (as Michael Chamberlain) and Peter O'Brien (as prosecutor Ian Barker QC) the mini-series includes over forty major roles - a real “who's who” of Australian drama.

Through My Eyes explores a single, frightening, moment of tragedy that led to an intersection of many lives now changed forever. The story is told through the eyes of many: through the eyes of others at the campsite, the rangers at the Rock, the police, the judiciary, a juror and finally through Lindy herself.

Filmed on location, at the site where Azaria Chamberlain was taken in 1980, Through My Eyes is the first film drama permitted to shoot at Uluru since “handover” in 1985.

Through My Eyes is produced by Tony Cavanaugh and Simone North of Liberty and Beyond productions. The cast also includes Steve Vidler, John McArdle, Steve Anderton, Lorraine Bayly, Lucy Bell, Aaron Blabey, Graeme Blundell, Grant Bowler, Jerome Ehlers, Nadine Garner, Paul McDermott, Paul Mecurio, Shaun Micallef, Angie Milliken, Barry Otto, Erik Thomson.

Through My Eyes, the true untold story of Lindy Chamberlain premieres on Tuesday November 23 at 8.30pm with Part Two following on Wednesday November 24 at 8.30pm.