17 Nov 2004, 04:27:24 PM

The brightest young sparks in the country will battle it out for the coveted title of AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST KID in a brand new quiz show coming soon to the Seven Network.

ANNA COREN will host the spellbinding show in which one of the young Australians will win the AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST KID trophy as well as a $20,000 prize which will be kept in trust until the winner turns 18.

From the thousands of exceptional young Australians who were tested during the online pre-test phase, around 800 made it through to the second stage of the competition and sat supervised exams around the country.

Only 48 children (the 24 top scoring boys and girls) made it though to compete in the televised program. The series consists of four 60 minute heats and a 90 minute finale which will air on Channel Seven over consecutive weeks.

Each of the heats features 12 contestants but only the three quickest and cleverest kids in each heat will make it through to series final to compete for the title of AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST KID.

Round One of the heats consists of 12 multiple choice questions and from there, only the six top contestants will move on to Round Two. In the second round, the contestants begin with a score of zero and the order of play is determined with a codebreaker test. The contestants are then shown a board with 12 subjects – Geography, Literature, Science, History, Language, Music, Natural World, Sport, Maths, Art, Film & Television and Pot Luck. In order of play, each contestant is asked to select a category and will have 45 seconds to answer as many questions as they can.

The three top competitors move on to the third and final round where they face questions in their specialist subjects. At the end of the heat, the child with the most points is declared the winner and along with the two runners up, will go on to battle it out in the final.

Get ready to pit your wits against Australia's brightest children as they go head-to-head for the title of AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST KID. AUSTRALIA'S BRAINIEST KID is a Crackerjack production for the Seven Network.