30 Nov 2004, 10:41:58 AM

The Seven Network today confirmed Ian “Dicko” Dickson will host the new season of My Restaurant Rules .

Dickson will helm the series, which returns to Seven early 2005, replacing chef Curtis Stone, who is returning to the kitchen with assignments in the UK and France.

Dickson, who has signed a long-term deal with Seven, is excited about his first venture with the Network.

“I will be the eyes, ears and tastebuds of the viewers,” said Dickson. “I may not know much about running a restaurant but I know how to make dreams come true.”

Dickson will preside over five teams from each State, who will get the opportunity to start up their own restaurant business from scratch.

The show follows the couples from the day they are given the keys through to the series climax when the Australian public votes to determine who will keep their restaurant and who will close.

Dickson will be joined by a team of food and restaurant experts who will evaluate the team's performance.

Seven's Head of Production and Programming, Mr Tim Worner, said: “We are thrilled Dicko will be hosting the new series of My Restaurant Rules.

“With his involvement, the show will have a new attitude in 2005."

“My Restaurant Rules was one of Seven's biggest performers in 2004, and with Dicko on board as host and some exciting new twists for the show, viewers will be taken to a new entertainment level next year.”